Running Physiotherapist Specialist Seaford

Are you struggling with nagging running injuries that are hindering your progress and holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Perhaps you’ve hit a roadblock in your training journey, and you’re desperately seeking guidance to overcome these obstacles and get back on track.

It’s frustrating when your body doesn’t co-operate, but fear not – Help is at hand.

Have you met our Senior Physiotherapist Morgan? 

Morgan Deegan, is The Physio Runner.

Morgan is a highly experienced physiotherapist and well-travelled runner, she is passionate about helping people achieve their running goals and better understand their body.

Do you need support with your running injuries? 

Whether you’re plagued by shin splints, knee pain, or pesky IT band issues, our running physio Morgan Deegan specialises in treating running-related injuries. She can provide invaluable insights, personalised strategies, and targeted exercises to address your specific needs.


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Practical Running Assessments in Seaford

Morgan particularly loves working with ‘weekend warriors’ and amateur and semi-professional runners, conducting thorough, accurate and practical running assessments to improve technique, strength and overall performance.

She regularly participate in running and multi-sport events, and has completed six ironman triathlons, four marathons, and lots of half marathons and smaller events. Her proudest achievement was completing the iconic and gruelling Comrades Marathon (an ultramarathon of around 90km) in South Africa.

Morgan holds a Degree in Physiotherapy from Curtin University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy from Latrobe University. She loves to learn through continuous professional development, including post-graduate courses and workshops about the shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, tendon and spinal studies as well as dry needling, and the connect therapy technique.

Morgan is the Director and Principal Physiotherapist at Physio + Fitness Clinic, where physiotherapy, myotherapy, Pilates and personal training services are provided by a team of expert health practitioners in a friendly and caring environment.


Running Assessments

Sometimes injuries happen – and they cramp everyone’s style.

We work to find the root cause of a problem – rather than just putting a ‘band-aid’ on things – and create a personalised plan to get you back running as soon as possible.


Years of experience

With many years of experience our Physio team have been carefully trained to provide the best physiotherapy service in the Seaford and Frankston area.


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Our staff at Phyio and Fitness Clinic are professional and friendly and they’d love to help you begin achieving your running goals.


Physiotherapy Treatment

We believe in a hands on treatment plan. We help runners stay active and out there enjoying their running, pain-free.


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