Group Physiotherapy & Clinical Strengthening at Physio + Fitness Clinic

Group Physiotherapy (formerly referred to as Clinical Pilates) is run by our Physiotherapists with a maximum number of 5 participants to ensure get the best of care for your body. To attend these sessions, we require a forty minute Start- Up Assessment so we can best understand your body, including any injuries that may be affecting you. This service may be claimable through your private health insurance.

Clinical Strengthening classes are completed in our gymnasium space, designed to help build your strength and confidence following injury or loss of conditioning. You will be required to complete an assessment with a Physiotherapist prior to commencing these classes to analyze your needs and current strength levels. This service may be claimable through your Private Health Insurance.

Group Physio and Clinical Strengthenings is a safe, effective and specific class ideal for strengthening and increasing flexibility and is suitable for all fitness and injury levels. At Physio + Fitness Clinic, we tailor our exercises according to your personal physical ability, bearing in mind any problematic areas you may have. With a maximum of only five participants, you can rest assured that only correct and safe techniques will be performed.

Group Physiotherapy

  • Formerly referred to as Clinical Pilates
  • Run by qualified Physiotherapists
  • Recommended for injury rehabilitation
  • Completed in our Pilates space with equipment such as reformer and trapeze.
  • Claimable with Private Health Insurance
  • A maximum of 5 people per class

Clinical Strength

  • Run by our qualified Physiotherapists
  • Recommended for improving overall strength and flexibility
  • Completed in our gymnasium area
  • Claimable with Private Health Insurance
  • A maximum of 5 people per class

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