Running Assessments


Morgan Deegan specialises in running and multisport events within her practice. With this keen knowledge, she has developed her capacity to complete accurate and practical running assessments. The service focusses on looking at each athlete thoroughly to work out how to get the best out of their body. Morgan is aware that not everyone is going to run like Cathy Freeman – and that is okay! The focus is on getting the best out of each athlete’s body to achieve their goals – whether that is to complete a 5km fun run or an Ultramarathon.
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The specialist Running Assessment involve three sessions (two sessions of 40 minutes duration). The cost for the two sessions is $150 (code 500 using Private Health Insurance).

Running assessments can help us improve your running efficiency and reduce your risk of injury. It is about learning and understanding your body to get the best for your training.

At PFC we will work with you to achieve a speedy recovery from injury, improve your technique so as to prevent further injury and help you reach your ultimate goal.

Give Morgs a call on 9786 6642 or contact us on the form below if you would like further information about our running assessments.

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