Running Assessment

at Physio + Fitness Clinic

Practice Director Morgan Deegan specialises in conducting thorough, accurate and practical running assessments for weekend warriors and semi-professional runners.

A running assessment is conducted during a 60 minute, one-on-one session with Morgan. During a running assessment, Morgan will review your individual running technique and provide specific and actionable feedback for improving your technique and getting the best out of your body.

Each running assessment is 100% personalised to you and your needs and goals (whether that may be to run 5km or an ultra marathon). For some, the assessment and feedback will be focused on technique to improve performance; while for others the focus will be about reducing pain or returning to running after an injury.

Morgan will film your running, analyse your running technique, provided 1:1 advice, undertake treatment and design a personalised training program. It is then over to you to implement the program. A follow-up session is recommended where your running technique will be analysed again and if needed, further tweaks will be made to your style and program.