at Physio + Fitness Clinic

We offer Clinical Pilates and Fitness Pilates at Physio + Fitness Clinic.

Clinical Pilates is run by our physiotherapists, and Fitness Pilates is run by our Pilates Instructor, Georgia.
Classes have a maximum of five participants, to ensure you get the best care.

To start Clinical Pilates at PFC you must complete a 40 minute Pilates Start Up Assessment. This is a 1:1 session with our Physiotherapists, once completed you can any Clinical or Fitness Pilates class. The Assessment is $100 and includes your first group Pilates class for FREE.

To start Fitness Pilates at PFC, call 9786 6642 or book online!

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Small Group Pilates is a safe, effective and specific class ideal for strengthening and increasing flexibility and is suitable for all fitness and injury levels. At Physio + Fitness Clinic, we tailor our Pilates exercises according to your personal physical ability, bearing in mind any problematic areas you may have. With a maximum of only five participants, you can rest assured that only correct and safe techniques will be performed.


Clinical Pilates

  • Run by Physiotherapists
  • Recommended for injury rehabilitation
  • Claimable with Private Health Insurance

Clinical Pilates Timetable

Monday: 8.30am, 9.15am, 10.15am, 11am, 5pm, 5.30pm, 6.15pm, 7pm
Tuesday: 10am, 6pm
Wednesday: 5pm, 6.15pm, 7pm
Thursday: 8.30am, 9.15am, 5.15pm, 6pm
Friday: 8.30am, 9.15am
Saturday: 8.30am, 9.15am

Fitness Pilates

  • Run by our Pilates Instructor
  • Recommended for improving overall strength and flexibility
  • Not claimable with Private Health Insurance

Fitness Pilates Timetable

Tuesday: 5.30pm, 6.15pm, 7pm, 7.45pm
Wednesday: 5.45pm, 6.30pm, 7.15pm
Saturday: 7.30am, 8.15am