Knee to Wall & Banded Ankle Mobilisation Exercises

Feeling stiff in your ankles? ⁠We have a range of Dorsiflexion and Ankle Mobilisation Techniques

Dorsiflexion and Ankle Mobilisation Techniques: Knee to Wall & Banded Ankle Mobilisation 

Feeling stiff in your ankles? ⁠

We test dorsiflexion (toes to the roof) by doing the ‘Knee to Wall’ test. Whilst we like to see around 10cm on this test, what is more important is having a similar score on both legs. ⁠

If one leg is lacking compared to the other you can try this at home, ankle mobilisation technique and see if it improves your knee to wall on that side. ⁠

If you find this benefits your result then you should try adding it into your warm up routine before any lower body exercise. ⁠

    Knee to Wall & Banded Ankle Mobilisation

    Band Positioning for Banded Ankle Mobilisation 

    Ensure the band is placed on the talus (the foot), not the tibia (the shin).

    Anchor the band to something behind you with your foot elevated.


    Banded Ankle Mobilisation Exercise

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