Bouncing back after Achilles injuries

If you are returning to running after an Achilles or calf injury, it is so important to progressively increase strength in that area. One of the main ways this can be done is through improving your hopping technique.

Stiffness of the foot and Achilles whilst running is vital in ensuring that there is a good transfer of the muscular energy, to push off within the lower leg. Therefore, it makes sense that we must retrain this hopping motion, as we build towards running.

High Knee Skipping is great in improving hopping strength and technique. It is also an awesome exercise for anyone to do (regardless of injury) to continue building strength.

As you push through one leg, the opposite leg should move into a quick hip flexion movement and then land on the same leg, while your body should be in a mildly forward tilt position.

Throughout the exercise, be sure to take note of any differences on either side, particularly if you are returning from injury. If you do notice a significant difference on one side, you may not be ready to increase your running loading until your strength improves.

I recommend you do 5-8 each side with 2-3 normal jogs in between each effort before doing the same on the other side.

Happy Skipping!