Am I Hypermobile? Test & Management Tips

Head feeling too heavy to hold up right all day? – This could be a sign of Hypermobility

Hypermobility definition put simply: VERY flexible joints

Have you every wondered if you are hypermobile? Well, Ebony, one of our Myotherapists is Hypermobile. Here, Ebony demonstrates 5 tests you can do at home to see if you might be hypermobile. 

what is hypermobility? 

Hypermobility definition put simply: VERY flexible joints

 Joint hypermobility syndrome is a genetic condition that involves extreme flexibility along with pain and other symptoms.


This is a test you can do at home, and is scored out of 9


Can you do these cool party tricks on both hands?

If your thumb can touch or come close to touching your wrist, it may indicate that you have hypermobile thumbs. This means that the ligaments and tissues supporting your thumb joint are more flexible than average.

If you can, give yourself one point for each hand.



Did you know that the flexibility of your pinky finger can provide insights into your joint mobility? Can you push your pinky fingers back? 

For those that can, that’s another 2 points.

Am I Hypermobile? Here’s a few tests to find out!


Can you bend your elbow backwards?

While a certain degree of flexibility is essential for proper joint function, excessive mobility in the elbow is a sign of hypermobility.

Another 2 points, one for each arm.



Can you touch your toes? or better yet can you touch the palms of your hands to the ground?

That’s 1 point.



Do your knees hyperextend?

Note: Ebony’s knees only slightly extend back, pictured below.

That’s 2 points, one for each knee

Am I Hypermobile? Here’s a few tests to find out!

Our Hypermobility Management Tips!⁠ ⁠

1. Stay hydrated! 💧⁠

This may sound cliché, but due to the extra fascia (or connective tissue) in hypermobile individual’s, a little extra water in the system can go a long way.⁠ ⁠

2. Strength training! 💪⁠

When we strengthen muscles surrounding these EXTRA mobile joints, it helps to prevent any injuries and even reduces any joint pain. You can still play sports and do fun activities without stressing about a rolled ankle! ⁠ ⁠

3. Keep moving! 🚶‍♀️⁠

If you work at a desk try getting up for a 5 minute break when you can. Just a walk to the kitchen or break room for a glass of water will help your blood flow and break up prolonged periods in the same position.⁠

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