Achilles Tendinopathy: An Overview of Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Achilles tendinopathy is a term used to describe pain in the Achilles as a result of breakdown of the tendon tissue.

What causes Achilles tendinopathy?

  • Overuse
  • Poor blood supply
  • Poor biomechanics (body movement)

What are the symptoms of Achilles tendinopathy?

  • Pain
  • Decreased function/unable to “push off” as well as previously
  • Lump in the tendon
  • Morning stiffness

What are some treatment options for Achilles tendinopathy?

  • Your Physiotherapist will guide you on correct management, particularly as biomechanics often have an impact on the progression. This may include liasing with a doctor, podiatrist or other health professional to help with your healing and management.
  • Physio will often involve massage and/ or dry needling of the area, including the calf and foot/other surrounding tissue
  • An exercise program will always be an important factor with the management of this injury. This will generally start with isometric exercises, which are proven to be the safest for tendon rehabilitation.
  • Your physio will guide you on appropriate cardiovascular exercise throughout your rehab.
  • Should physio be unsuccessful, liaising with a medical doctor for appropriate therapeutic management is vital.

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