Our Apparatus Pilates classes have a maximum of five participants, to ensure you get the best care.

Pilates ServicesWhy Pilates?

Small Group Apparatus Pilates:

Safe, effective strengthening specific to you.

Safe, effective strengthening specific to you Small Group Apparatus Pilates is ideal for strengthening and increasing flexibility and is suitable for all fitness and injury levels. At Physio and Fitness Clinic we tailor our Pilates exercises according to your physical ability and bearing in mind your problematic areas. With only a maximum of five people, you can rest assured that only correct and safe techniques will be performed.

To commence Small Group Apparatus Pilates at Physio and Fitness Clinic, you must first complete a one hour Pilates Start Up Session. Following this introductory session you may commence a group class. We require all participants to have gripsox which may be purchased at the clinic, or you may bring your own.

Some Pilates sessions are taken by a Physiotherapist which means you can claim using your Private Health Insurance, however classes with a Pilates Instructor cannot be claimed but are offered at a reduced price.


Class Times Available.

Please call Physio and Fitness Clinic 24hrs before your appointment to reschedule.

Please note: class times are subject to change.

Monday: 8.30am, 9.15am, 10.00am, 5.00pm, 5.30pm, 6.15pm, 7.00pm

Tuesday: 5.30pm*, 6.00pm, 6.15pm*, 7.00pm*, 7.45pm*

Wednesday: 5.00pm, 5.30pm, 5.45pm*, 6.15pm, 6.30pm*, 7.00pm, 7.15pm*

Thursday: 8.30am, 9.15am, 6.00pm

Friday: 8.30am, 9.15am, 10.00am

Saturday: 8.15am*, 8.30am, 9.15am

*Classes completed by Pilates Instructor. Cannot use Private Health.


Why Pilates?


Small Group Apparatus Pilates is designed for:

  • Clients wanting exercises personalised to their body
  • Clients desiring to use Reformers, Trapeze and Wunda Chair equipment
  • Clients requiring the specific rehabilitation focus of a Physiotherapist
  • Clients wishing to utilize their Private Health Insurance coverage